I have a teacher who is looking to create a template that she can use for examplary art lessons. She wants to have a heading that is consistent on each page, as well as a border on each page that contains pics of art work the student have done ( the outer sides). She would like it to look like a book when you put two pages next to each other. I have tried a few things, but none seem to work.

I am open to any suggestions.

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Why doesn't she just display them in an online gallery like Artsonia?
Because the student artworks on the outside will have to be treated as separate objects I would suggest a table with 3 columns, the outside cells could hold artwork as well as a title row across the top. Use a cell merge in the center column to create one large cell for text and directions. Size the cells as needed. Using a table method would also transfer to a wiki or web page easily.
Or use something like microsoft's publisher that allows you to create text boxes wherever you want to move them and add images anywhere.
What is she using this for? I guess I'm not sure what she wants. I would refrain from printing artwork--ink is too expensive. haha.



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