We are trying to find a way to easily sanitize laptops before students use their laptops. Since up to 4 students share use of 1 laptop during the day we would like to sanitize each time a student uses a laptop. I am thinking of buying a few UV sanitizers to use on the keyboards while the students are waiting for them to boot. Anyone have any experience with this or had other ways that they disinfect.

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Wow. You guys are a lot cleaner than our school. Not sure our keyboards have ever been sanitized...?? but I could be wrong.
I do sanitizer on the way in to the lab (just before going to computers after floor lessond for kinders), and about once a week I try to wipe down the kbds and mice with Lysol (or similar) wipes before I turn on the computers. This year, I'm also wiping down the kbds and mice of kids with severe allergies (peanuts/lysol) just before they use the computer... though I'm not sure that would prevent transfer if it was there or not.
I was thinking of also using a spray (daily?)as I only use wipes once a week or so. Does the spray get into the keyboard though? I don't want to end up with a bunch of broken keyboards. The wipes seem to stay on top of the keys pretty well without dripping down.
there is also getting a disinfecting spray and using a cloth or paper towels, but that gets expensive as well. My problem with Purell on the way into the classroom is that for some of my classes the kids are carrying laptops in with them, and I don't want them to drop the laptops.
But at least I have a few ideas to bring up to administration.
thanks for all your help



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