We all know that technology can be a great benefit in higher education, but do you think technology causes too much stress in students? Are students simply too overwhelmed with emerging technologies to keep up with their personal lives and their studies?

Here's an article that discusses this question, but I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.


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I think there is a little both...until someone gets used to the new tech, and realises how much it enhances - it can be quite stressful.
I believe that technology can cause stress, but without technology I think the stress level would rise drastically when it comes to education. As a college student, honestly everything causes stress. I can barely remember when I have not used technology to benefit my education. I would not know where to start on writing my countless papers assigned without technology. I welcome the many new technologies that keep showing up every day. It honestly helps my personal life by keeping in touch anywhere from online to texting... all while multitasking and doing my studies.
I think technology can be stressful at first when a students is trying to understand how to use it properly it can take some time and may be frustrating. Once the students use this on a daily basis it can become easier for them to use. Technology makes tasks such as assignments and homework easier to do and completed faster. Technology connects students with so many resources of knowledge for them to discover!
I totally agree with you, Technology can be stressful to a student when trying to understand how to use it.
I think that there has been a proliferation of online tools and software. Many of the new sites coming out are great. How many do we need and to what extent should we use them is a matter of personal discretion. Although I think if they are causing any stress (other than learning how they work) they're being over-used.
p.s. You should post the article on Classroom 2.0 since we need to register to read it.
I think it's a legitimate concern that learning about new technology can overwhelm students, but I don't believe students are incapable of adapting. Especially since a majority of traditional undergraduate students are now digital natives, their personal lives often already incorporate new communication technology (cell phones, computers, etc). If anything, undue stress might be caused by overzealous instructors requiring specific technology to be used in assignments where it's not always necessary. It's easy to get excited about new teaching and learning tools, but not every lesson needs them.
Students want to use technology, but if it's something they are not familiar with they should be properly instructed regarding tools and use. As a new technology is learned its use becomes clear and deliberate. If students understand how they are to use it, they will be successfull. For instance, I just used a classroom blog to present a lesson. Has anyone tried that with their students?
I could not agree more. Students are very adaptable and tech savvy. Learning how to use a new technology does seem a little alien at first, but the way students pick up on how a specific technology works, some pick it up very quickly and can even expand others knowledge. This generation of students grew up on technology and have used it all of their lives.
I totally agree with youm students learn fast and if there is someone that directs them into how to use it they will have no problem adapting to it.
I think that technology causes too much stress for teachers and prohibits students from focusing on what's important...learning. For teachers using new technology, you have to think about whether or not the kids are safe using this type of technology and what can you do to ensure their safety. You also have to think about keeping kids on task and making sure that this technology is actually teaching students what it should be teaching. For students, all of the new technology, I feel, is getting in their way and causing distractions. Students are on their facebook, twitter, myspace and everything else all day long. Even if you try to make technology like this useful to the education process you are still going to have the majority of your students using this technology for their own personal use. Just something to think about.
I think technology if anything helps keeps a students interst in the classroom and not stress them out. Endless paperwork is the real stresser, so giving a student an alternative option to hand written work can be very beneficial. The young genertaion is so acustom to technology, chances are they will already know how to use it and can only learn from there.
People always get stressed when they are trying to learn something new, and the same goes with technology. For example, when I first started using Facebook, I absolutely hated. I didn't know where anything was and it felt pointless, but once I got the hang of it, I realized just how easy it was to stay in touch with my friends. I'm sure the same thing happened when calculators first came out, and then computers, and then i-pods. Basically, technology can be stressful, but once a student is willing to learn, they pass that obstacle in a snap.



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