I am a high school Economics teacher and a Studeous user. Since Studeous will be discontinued on Wednesday, March 18, I am looking for an alternative. Someone mentioned Edu 2.0 in a post earlier today. Does anyone in the Classroom 2.0 community have experience with Edu 2.0 they would be willing to share?

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Wow thats slick... Zoho (which has a ton of bells and whistles) and Hot Chalk seems to have some complementary services in the education 2.0 space.
Are you leery that the next thing you choose will be gone too? Unless you plan to pay for the next best thing it too could close down! I just looked at Studeous and it looks alive and well???
Yes, that is a concern of mine. As for Studeous, I don't know how well it is, but it appears to still have life.
Well, in the last 24 hours it seems to have keeled over. I didn't know the site was going under and so we've been caught some what. Why did it go under? I'm also going to EDU2.0 but now I'm a bit concerned, on the other hand, perhaps the weaker providers are being shaken out of the system?
Are there alternatives to Studeous? I'd like to know that too!
A cautionary tale, backup all your stuff!
I'm using Edu20.org. I've only been using it for about a week now, but so far, so good. I like it more than Studeous.

As for Edu20.org's longevity, according to some data on their site, they are in month 32 of existence, and they have about 37,000 members.
I'm happy to say that edu20.org has now been live for over 4 years, has 280,000 users, and adds about 1,000 new users every day.

I have been using EDU2.0 now for about three years. It has been going from strength to strength and the team there is constantly improving it. I highly recommend it for KS2 and above.
There is a site that went into beta in April, www.learningzen.com. It is offering free and easy to use tools for creating on-line courses. It has collaboration and exams also.
Has anyone had any trouble with edu20 emails bouncing?

Does anyone know about district wide use?

I am new to the district and it appears we each have two ids - one for the school and one for professional development, but there is now a way to combine the id's. I need help with this as well.

Right now in order for students in one class at one school to collaborate with another class at another school in our district must have all of the students set up in the same class.

Any help would be appreciated.



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