Are your students provided with email accounts?  Is there a law/regulation about providing students with email account? 

There are plenty of web 2.0 tools (just discovered and it needs an email address to register) but the problem is that they need an email address to register. 

Just another hurdle.

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How distressing; I understand the intentions of such laws, but wonder if we will eventually be constrained to the point where the only real learning accomplished is by home schooling our young people. One is left with the impression that the only recourse is to break the law; hardly an option.
It's especially frustrating for our district as we just switched all our elementary schools over to a linux system with the promise of a vast wealth of sites the teachers could use and now we have to keep telling them "not that one . . .or that one, yeah and that one too."
If security of student's personal data is the central issue, perhaps you might be allowed to do what I have done. I created a class account for places like Photobucket, Flicker and Extranormal. Students have access to the application without revealing anything about themselves.



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