Enriching Your Classroom with Non-Linguistic Representations

I have really been intrigued the last couple of years with trying to incorporate all of Marzano's strategies into my curriculum.  The one that I find the most appealing is when I am dealing with non-linguistic representations.  I have found two things that have been great for differentiation in my classroom.  Technology integration and doing a variety of activities in which students delve into non-linguistic representations.  I would like to invite you to share success that you have used pertaining to this strategy of Marzano. 


Some of the non-linguistic activities that l have enjoyed incorporating into my History classroom:

Use of vocabulary draws (students had to "define" L to J words with only pictures.  I did this by providing pre-made frames on a page or by using Strip Generator


I have also used Legos in my classroom.  Students would have to explain a concept that we had studied or discussed using the legos.


I would love to hear some more ideas that other teachers are using in their classrooms. 


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I also have been using the nine effective teaching strategies with my pre-service elementary math and science teachers.  Instead of doing a "paper" after reviewing an article, I have had students create a nonlinguistic representation of that article.  They have used pictures, graphic organizers and even photos.
Great idea!  Thanks for sharing!



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