Facebook is so popular among students. On one hand, it is good for them to communicate with more people, make more friends, and know more fresh info, etc. On the other hand, time is devoted to Facebook. It seems some students' academic performance has been influenced. What do you think about students' use of Facebook?

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Social networking offers a TON of potential for education. However, I'm not sure if Facebook is the way to go since kids already see it purely as a place for socializing. Plus, Facebook only allows kids over 16 to start accounts, and some parents don't want their kids to use Facebook. There are a lot of social networking sites where teachers can set up private Facebooks for their classes, though, such as Edmodo. I recently wrote a blog post about social networking in education that might help you out.
It seems that you've really done a lot of research on this matter. Thanks for your article.
I think that facebook is fine as long as they have done their homework before getting online.
That's true. If so, students need to have strong sense of self-control, and parents also need to do some jobs.
I totally agree with you, school should be their first priority.
As a teacher I have found that Facebook is a nice additional method of communication with students. I typically log on at night and if students have questions about homework assignments they will initiate a chat with me. I'm sure they check with their friends as well. My general rule is that I do not request to be friends with my students, I wait for them to initiate the request. I also don't allow them to post on my wall and rarely post on their walls.
i have read recently in the news that teachers may be sacked if the talk to students via social networking that includes if the student adds you.
Yes that is true in part. At my last work, staff were sanctioned for adding students on Facebook as it was seen crossing or blurring the lines of "us vs. them"
Oh, that's really a tough rule!
Teachers can also lose their positions if their Facebook or MySpace profiles are "unprofessional." This includes photos of teachers drinking or around alcohol or dressed "inappropriately."
I have heard some schools implement this policy. That is not the case at my school. We don't even have a policy on the matter! There certainly is a need for rules, guidelines, and procedures, however outright banning is a poor solution. If challenged in court I believe this rule would be struck down as a violation of free speech.
I think that if it is a problem for teachers and students to communicate via facebook, they should be able to set up a page or a group for the class through which they can communicate. That way they aren't directly "friending" them, and they could still communicate in a professional manner. This would also enable questions and answers to be viewable to the rest of the class that joins the group.
Facebook is here. It will be here for some time to come. I think it's time for schools to realize that and finds ways to make it useful rather than casting it aside as a time waster. But that's just my opinion.



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