Are children lacking the basic skills we need?
communication and proper writing?
Is technology causing them to do so?

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Mayra, you asked a very thought-provoking question. On the one hand, it's true that Gen Z kids are growing up with a computerized environment and for this reason have other skills than their parents (and for this reason could have communication problems) But from the other hand, they possess and develop other skills - coding, chatting, blogging, digital photography skills and so on.

And speaking about writing skills, modern technologies broad the mind of current students, giving them opportunities, which their parents hadn't. For example, they could improve their reading skills using online resources or to apply for online writing course at some MOOC.

There're a lot of articles on digital immigrants/digital natives topics, for example this:

As for me, everyone could master any new skills, it's not depend on digital immigrant this person is or a digital native. The same with my students - they're young, creative and talented people, who will build our country and will help it to stay the best place to live.

That's an apt question, given the current times. 

It's difficult to point at one thing in particular. There are several factors leading to reduced attention span in children and technology is only one of the contributing factors. 

There are good things, too that have resulted from technology evolution. I guess it all depends on how one chooses to make us of it. 

Children should be taught soft skills at their schooling itself as it helps them in the future and also they come to know how to behave and react to people and situations.



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