Hi Everyone,

I thought it'd be fun to start a forum in which anyone who wants to can tell about their "Favorite of the Year," a favorite book, paper, video, song, joke, cartoon, event, personality, quote... You name it!

Ok: so in 2008, what was one of your Favorite Things? (It could have come from another year--no limits on the date of origin!) What influenced you, challenged or delighted you, brought you joy or laughter, changed your thinking?

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Would it be fun to do a live "year in review" wrap-up Web session using our Elluminate room? It might be a fun way to celebrate reaching 15,000 members (which should happen pretty soon) and to share favorite books, tools, blog posts, experiences, etc.! Could we do it sometime the week between Christmas and New Year's Day?
Yes!!! Sounds like a terrific idea, Steve. A great way to wrap up the year! What do others think about Steve's idea?
Great idea! I would like to add two recent works: The film "The Orphanage" was just so well done, that I thought about it for days. And the book "The Power of Now" has made me think outside the box a little. At minimal, has helped me relax more and enjoy the moment.
Favorite paper--I discovered it this summer and it has impacted me a lot this year. Read it 3 times. About students and the New Digital Media, by Henry Jenkins of MIT. "Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century"
Favorite book:
The Wild Trees by Richard Preston.

Favorite event(s):
Obama wresting control from the deep, dark, dank denizens of the Bush administration.


The birth of my new baby girl.


What fun! The browsing is GREAT in this forum. Thought-provoking... lively.... takes you places....

OK, here comes another: my favorite TV show, way beyond all others. Uber-favorite, possibly all-time favorite--Quirky beyond belief!

Pushing Daisies.

It's a sit-com with wildly philosophical underpinnings. So funny, so fast... The dialog whips by; you have to pay attention to catch all the subtleties. Tons of attention to cinematography: symbolic settings, attention to detail. Unusual camera angles. Crazy plots! "A forensic fairy tale." Superb acting, very professional, not a weak character in the bunch. (If you're checking it out, give it more than one chance; it's a show that grows on you, and takes a while to get used to. VERY different for TV.)

Let's keep the favorites coming. How about favorite gift (to give, to get)? Favorite HOPE? Favorite comfort food of the year? Favorite new thing about this age, the cyber-connectedness, the tools? Favorite idea of a good vacation?

(This conversation is also running at http://firesidelearning.ning.com, interweaving network participants' posts)
My favourite playlist for 2008... Nice travel around the world with this songs...

Découvrez Danilo Perez!



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