Hi Classroom-2.0ers,

I just wanted to ask for your opinions on whether or not you think it is ok to include footage or photographs of your kids in your blog posts? I've been quite an active blogger on the sorts of things I am doing in the classroom, and I find it really useful to include snippets of kids' comments on the activities. Do you think it's absolutely essential to get kids and/or parents permission? In what circumstances?


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Are you aware that children are sometimes in witness protections and other programs which would put the child in serious danger if their location, even their school was known to those who would do them wrong? You MUST get the parents' permission BEFORE you post pictures of kids or anything with their name on it. NEVER put a child's last name anywhere on the internet, and be very careful with first names that are unique. In fact, it is probably best, if the children are going to post online, that each one adopts or is assigned an "online name", first name only and very generic: John-1, John-2, Mary-1, Mary-2. There is entirely too much danger on the Internet for children to ignore!
Hi Anne,

Thanks for your feedback. As a golden rule, I never have kids divulge any personal information whatsoever. My question is specifically about videos and/or photos of the kids, eg. completing activity.

When they enroll their kids at our school, parents agree to the school photographing and videoing kids for educational purposes. I'm just not sure if this is enough.


Cover yours! Get an OK from YOUR parents, and file it in YOUR file cabinet. Parents are notorious for not always reading what they sign, especially at the beginning of the year. Also, something (like a nasty divorce) can happen in mid-year and change the status for a child. It's probably a good idea to send home (and post on your website) when you will be uploading anything with the kids in it. Most parents will welcome their child getting a highlight, but because of that tiny, small number that it doesn't apply to, you better be overcautious rather than undercautious.
Agree... get your own permission and keep it. usually parents are okay... at least mine have been.
Thanks folks,

Simple advice I know - but I appreciate this.


Also, make sure they're not wearing any identifable t-shirts that gives the reader a location...



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