Finding suitable online resources for Health and Social Care learners

Hi Guys, can anyone suggest some good online resources that can be used in designing lessons for the Health and Social Care environment. They need to be fairly adaptable to different learner levels, but aimed at the lifelong learning sector and not primary/secondary schools.

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Hi Ann

Take a look at the Skills Workshop This site is aimed at adults with many examples of functional literacy/numeracy.

Select the contextual tab then you can click on social and health care - you can pick the level you are interested in too such as level 2. 

I have used this site many times and I would recommend it.

There are lots of resources available from powerpoint to worksheets. 

Have fun!


Thanks Theresa, I will definately have a look at that, its good to get a recommendation from someone who has actually used the site

I use the site on a very regular basis. I would recommend it for sure although I always print off and try the worksheets first just to make sure ! It's a great place to get inspiration from! Also, you could set yourself up an account on prezi and search for presentations on the topic you are going to teach. It's free to use and always full of interesting things to look at!




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