Today, Sept 29, 2009 over 1,000 students will go to the USA Capitol to voice their concern for the effect that potential changes to defining and funding accredited courses at for-profit colleges. Leading them will be Arthur Keiser, Chancellor of private for-profit Keiser University. He is also the elected head of the association of for-profit colleges in the USA. This was prompted by a commission spearheaded by Democratic Senator of Iowa, Tom Harkin. Mr. Harken was presented with a documentary film that showed what many would consider high pressured recruiting. I will not argue that this high pressured recruiting does not take place in some college recruiting but I do object to people being given the impression that this is the only form of recruiting that takes place in for-profit institutions and that non-profit or traditional colleges do not use any pressure tactics in recruiting. 
Just take a look at what recruiters do to get star athletes.
I am interested in the opinions of my fellow members here in Classroom 2.0.

Love & Peace, Deborah

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Dear Deb,

I have a simple observation. I graduated from a private, non-profit college in 1978. My last year's tuition was $987.00.
You read that right, nine hundred eighty seven dollars for a full accredited semester of professional college credits.

Tha same semester today would cost me $18,000.00, that's Eighteen thousand dollars. An increase of 200 times.
Now teacher salaries did not increase by 200X, they were about $20,000 per year in 1978. They have increased since then but by not more than 5X. Utilities have not increased by more than 10X. And Non-Profit Colleges do not pay property or income taxes.
Now, since I have had 3 children in College recently, I can attest that this tuition is quite the norm across all non state colleges. State Colleges are much cheaper, they are only $10,000.00 per semester.

So, what is this gripe about? Non-profit vs. for profit....neither of them are CHEAP!
I just do not understand what this dilemma is all about.

I have to print a math correction here! Tuition has gone up 20X since 1978 not 200X!!!

Those pesky significant zeros always messed me up!




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