We are considering using the forward /backward videos (sorry - is there a REAL name for them?) as a writing project for high school.
I've collected a few in his sqworl:

Does anyone have any other suggestions of other sample videos done in this style?
Brenda Boyer
Kutztown HS Librarian

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Reverse Verse is one name someone has offered. Others?
Dear Brenda,
Great minds think alike --- at least that's what they say in English. In Russian, it sounds like "idiots think alike"... :)))
For the past couple of weeks I have also been thinking about using this technique to do some creative argumentative writing with my university students.
But first I want to try and talk it over with my colleagues at the upcoming seminar.
Anyway, how did you plan to approach this task? It's not easy. I tried to write my own backward message and here's what I came up with:

No one wants to be a teacher anymore!
No longer can it be said that
Students love to learn new things
And before anything, you must know:
All students are lazy and ignorant
You may think
Teachers are overworked and underpaid
So it is ludicrous to say that
Our profession has a great future...

So, looking forward to your comments now. Keep in touch,



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