There are a ton of free teacher resources available on the Internet. Here is a list of sites that I have found. If you have any others then please share so we can update our list on the web.

Click here for the list!

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There is also:

Parentella is a free communication platform for parents and teachers. Teachers can set up a class and invite all the parents and share homework, class news, events, etc. and keep all parents on the same page. It is free.

Demo Accounts:

Teacher account:

un: Mr. Pencil
pw: demo

Parent account:
un: Judy Jetson
pw: demo
Jorge, here is what we have for teachers:

Free Teacher Resources

Free Online Interactive Flashcards (great for ELL, ESE, and early development)

Free for Parents

Also, my blog has great resources for RTI, podcast for elementary students and teachers... the address is

Hope these help!
Feel free to use my site which contains over 1200+ resources sorted by subject area and topic. All the links are visual which makes it easy to use in a classroom situation. Here is the link:

- Scott
Hi Scott,

Great resource page- the link to "links to Online resources" did not work. I received an error message. Do you have a list?



What types of resources are you looking for? Interactive resources? Lesson plans? Print-outs?

I have a list compiled, but I can edit it down for you.

Have a great day!

I'm looking for paid resources for teachers and students on all subjects. Any suggestions?

Hi Hector,

Here is a list of teacher resources:

Or, are you looking for professional development training resources, like these?



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