We are starting a project on freedom in which our 4th grade students are creating 21st century freedom quilts modeled after the freedom quilts used during the Civil War in America.  After the project is finished, around the middle of March, students will post their digital quilts and reflections on freedom on Voice Thread.  We are looking for people to view and respond to the students projects.  If you are interested or would like to know more, please let me know.  

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What a cool idea! I'd be willing to help out. (Would it be ok to share some of the Freedom Quilts with other teachers, whom I train?)


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That would be great!

Of course, it would be okay to share with your teachers.  I would be happy to send you more information on the project.  If you have any students who would like to take a look and comment also, our students would really appreciate the feedback.


I will let you know when the voice threads go up - sometime in Mid March.






Are you interested in having fifth graders from Canada respond?

We would love to have responses from your fifth graders.  It would be great to get a global perspective.  Please let me know if you would like more information.




I wouldn't mind knowing more about what you are doing.  It would help me prepare my students for commenting.  Thought you should know that we are on Spring Break from March 21 to April 4th. You can contact me at dahlbyt@gmail.com.  Look forward to hearing more about your project!





I like this idea. I love how you are tying in history and technology. Using Voice Thread and posting digital quilts will allow students to understand that history can be fun. All teachers should start introducing different types of technology into their classroom projects. Technology is only going to grow and we all need to get on board.
Our students are really excited about this project.  We are thankful that through classroom 2.0 we are able make connections with other teachers and students.



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