Has anyone had this issue or know of a solution?  Our district just moved to gMail and Google Apps.  The problem is for those that setup their own accounts ahead of time and created things like Documents and Sites.  If they had the Site connected to their own account with their school email, now that the district email works with Google, they can't access their sites to edit them anymore.  Anyone run into this when transitioning to Google?

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Who can you call at Google to get help with this?
I'm a former district ed tech director, and one of the critical issues is who will give you support after you sign the agreement. Or IS there any support in a district agreement? (Lincoln Public Schools will tell you there isn't, and no advance notice of changes in features either.)

If this were Apple or Dell, you KNOW they would have support for you, to answer your question immediately.

When I was a consultant to school districts, I always recommended looking for the "service level agreement." What level of service is provided and how quickly and by whom and at what cost. Otherwise, you have too many headaches and no reliable support.


We have something similar at our district where all our teacher websites are created in Sites and next school year we are moving to a Google domain. I'm not sure how it is being done, but apparently all out teacher websites are being moved into the new domain, or are at least linked to the domain. I think that it is a permissions issue. This week we were told to supply our existing Google usernames to the tech director so that he could authorize them within the domain to access the teacher websites. Or at least i think that is what is going on...

This link shows you, or your user, how to import a site they created on their own account to their google apps account. We had a similar situation and this worked well. 



Thanks Scott!



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