I would love to use Google Docs with middle school students. I think the collaboration would be a great learning experience. There are hurdles that I need to figure out. For students to get a Google account they have to be of age to have a binding contract with Google. Any ideas?

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We used Google Docs with a middle school science class and because they were working in pairs, were able to create generic science student accounts (nsascience1, nsascience2, etc) to create presentations. We are re-using these accounts this year. The age factor was an issue, so I'm looking forward to seeing other solutions so that we can continue to use Google Docs.
I like your idea of using generic accounts. How did you set them up? It looks like you need an email to set up an account. Can you help me?
We used Google Apps w/ out Middle School students and to comply w/ CIPA compliance we used Gaggle which filtered all gMail. It was $3.00 a student.

More info can be found here...

Could you have their parents set up the accounts?

more info on uses:

Hi Janet.
I believe Google Docs also allows editing of documents (depends on the settings) without signing in. This would allow anyone with the url to go in and make changes, so depending if you are looking to track, or if you are worried about who's editing the document, this can be one way to provide them quick and easy access without having an account.



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