I am trying to use google earth for a rivers of the world project with my class and I am not having any luck. I would like to be able to put in a river’s name and be able to “fly” to see the area around the river. Is this possible? When I have done this I get lots of businesses or it goes to some unknown place. Is there somewhere that has an easy, quick tutorial on using google earth?

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The problem with rivers is that that are not specific as much as buildings or cities but you should still be able to get the general outline of the river.

The secret to using Google Earth is to do all your searching before hand, bookmark it and untick all the extras that Google Earth wants to show you (like places, labels, etc.) so that there is not too much clutter around to get distracted by. So that you are ready to go with your class and the results are what you desire.
Google Earth is great, but it does take a lot of time to get to know it. I think the GE webpage has a tutorial right on it. If not, just google it. Like Colin said, be sure the layers (at the bottom) that you don't want are unchecked or it gets crazy busy. You could add placeholders with information (River, stats, photo, etc.) on one particular spot on the river. Yes, tours will "fly" you into the placeholder or areas, but you need to prerecord it.
Thanks Colin and Garrison.  I will keep trying and I will double check to make sure that I have all the extra stuff unticked.



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