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So our school just switched over to Google Apps for Education in January and I love it.  I was doing some research and I see this Google for Educators certification program.  Does anyone have any incite on this or have you done it yourself?  I see the tests are around $15...? 


Any information would be greatly appreciated!



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I'm in the beginning stages of becoming a Google certified educator. From what I've seen so far, all the information/knowledge is free and open to anyone. You just have to pay to take the tests and, thus, get certified (six tests at $15 each so only $90).

In other words, you're only paying for the title - not the knowledge. I train teachers through an outside organization, so the title is important to us -- it gives us some credibility (in fact, we are having 3 team members get certified so we can be a certified organization).

The knowledge really is great -- I'm learning a ton of useful info. I'd recommend the courses to every teacher. But whether or not a teacher should get certified really depends on their goals.

Good Luck!

Katy Scott

We are switching to apps for education and a group of teachers in my district has started the program.  I have finished two of the six tests (admin and calendar).  The training center contains some great info and is worth reviewing.  The tests are difficult and in my opinion tend to focus on trivial facts that you do not need master (the calander test had a ton of questions on how to set it up to work with your phone and the languages google works with, you only have to do that once and can use the directions provided).



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