I am looking for websites and forums that focus on the use of comics in education, any suggestions would be very welcome.

I have a good list of websites that have comic tools, this is mainly about using the comics within the school.



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Hey, this fits with using multiliteracies. I've just done an essay on it. Specifically I was talking about using video games in the classroom, but the concept is the same. Comics would be a great context for learning multiliteracies.

I started a group a day or two back on using video games in the classroom but maybe it should have been on multiliteracies. Don't be put off by the fact that there's only two of there at the moment. It's a big topic that will grow in the next few years.

I hadn't even thought of using comics in the classroom. I like video games as they can be projected with a data projector of interactive whiteboard.
Leigh you are right about the potential for multiliteracies. For example, perfect for language learning.

I am also going to join your group were I will write how I am involve in video games in the classroom.



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