Help with converting video file so that it plays at high speed!



I have a .wmv file that I am looking to somehow convert to high speed.  The original file is over 30 minutes long and I was hoping to condense the entire thing down to only a few minutes.  Does anyone have a suggestion for how I might do this?  Your help is greatly appreciated!!



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Depending on the software or application you're using, you could do a few things. Try to go to File> Export, and then try to save it as a smaller file. You can try to right click on the video and compress it. You could also try changing the file extension from .wmv to .m4p 

I hope one of those suggestions helps. What software/application was the video made on? 

Thanks, Grace!  It was video that was captured through UStream (it was a live feed).  It is about 30 minutes of video, and I want to speed it up so that it plays in about 3-5 minutes. Probably asking a lot, I know.  I will definitely try your suggestion...I have never attempted to do this before!
If you are trying to make the video play faster it is not just a file conversion, which is the file formatting, but the actual composition of the video. The fastest cheapest way in XP would be to use Movie Maker. It might not be on your start menu, but is in "c:\program files\movie maker", in windows 7 you need "Windows Live Essentials 2011".

Once you open movie maker drag the video into the collections area, then drag it to the timeline
next go to effects and drag the double speed on to the timeline as many times as it takes to get the length you want.

then go to file and save the movie (save as does not make a movie file)

You could also use other video editors.
Very nice! I will definitely try this!  thanks!  I will let you know how it turns might be a few days until I get to it, though.  Thanks, James! :)
This is great. I have been wondering the same thing as Jill Calkins. I have recently made a vocabulary vodcast and could not figure out how to make it faster and do other little editing tasks. This will definitely help. Thank you.

@James -- Thanks so much!  I just tried it tonight with MovieMaker and it worked!  It's a little time-consuming, but hey--it works!  That's all that matters!  Thanks so much!


@ Grace - Glad this post was useful for someone else! I hope it worked for you!  :)



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