How can we help the undergraduate learner to engage more in class?

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Create a mailing list/group for the class and have an assignment due right after class to summarize what they learned in the class and comment on one other students summary. When I did this, it surely opened my eyes to what the students were understanding from the class. I thought I was clear, but....
Thanks Bob. Peer review is very strong as a means of increasing learing as is the prospect of an immediate test after the programme. I'm looking specifically to see how these things will increase partcipation also in the classroom setting.
Hello. This question is at the heart of teaching and learning process. All of us try to make this happen. From the point of view of psychology, motivation is the pivotal element in engaging students. Motivation can be established through making the learning tangible, accessible, and meaningful. That is why in employing technology in learning we are behind using it to stimulate learners rather than focusing on the technology itself. Novel ways can support motivation: paying attention to students' individual differences, MI (multiple intelligences), and their interests.



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