How are you using ePals or Wallwisher in your Social Studies classroom?

As a newbie when it comes to technology in the classroom, I was just hoping to hear from anyone who is successfully applying ePals or Wallwisher to their pedagogy in the Socials classroom, or in any classroom for that matter.  Thanks!

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I've used both and am happy to share.


ePals is a fantastic site for connecting with classrooms for global projects. Last year I used ePals to find participants for a 4th grade social studies project that used a wiki, US Regions - Bring the TextBook to Life and was pleased to find more than 40 classrooms from regions across the US to learn with. Many thanks to Rita Oats for helping me establish those connections.

 is good for social studies because it provides students with a quick and easy way to respond to learning. One of my favorite ways to use this tool is to build digital vocabulary word walls


Best of luck to you. I'm sure you will find many great ways to use these tools!


Susan Oxnevad 

Visit my Cool Tools Blog for more ideas

Hi Mike

Have used Wallwisher often in the classroom in various ways:

  • as an exit slip after a lesson - 2 things I've learned today & 1 question I still have (my favourite)
  • as a Vocabulary wall (similar to Susan's suggestion below)  Sometimes I'll put the words up before the unit and students will add definitions as we discover 
  • at the start of a unit to record our first thinking about a topic (gives me a heads up on misconceptions to address)
  • as a Compliments wall for the week 

Hope you find some of things helpful!






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