How can I remove the embed option on a photo or photo gallery

I'm running an extranet site for a school. We're testing at the moment with some dummy photos. The network is invite only and moderated, only allowing current parents and students access. However, I've cheked the embed code which pops up on each photo album, and it still embeds into, for example, facebook, despite the privacy settings. Please can someone tell me how to remove the embed option on photos, and for that matters, music and videos.

Many thanks.

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It depends on a couple factors. For the most part the embed options are locked into whatever hosting service you are using. This is how they drive traffic to their site. There are photo/video/music hosts that do not have embed codes (Microsoft's popfly seems "safe" depending on what modules you use for example) and others that always will (Youtube, Photobucket).

The second factor is how you are putting them on your site. With many of the 2.0 tools you can "block" the embed button simply by making it "invisible" to the user. If you use iFrames to place the modules you can size the frame to anything you want, thus enabling you to cut off the embed button.
sorry - I forgot to make clear it's a ning network
Hi, Tom. I don't have an easy answer for this. I think what you're getting at is that someone could get the embed code in a private network and then share a photo to say, Facebook, which someone else thought was going to stay private. Might be good to ask this over at
Hi Steve - that's exactly the issue. We've since decided that only one school user (the network creator) should post phots, and then only ones appropriate to being public. Then any posted by other users are their responsiblity. However, it would still be nice to remove the embed code, so I'll post the problem in - thanks.
I used this in CSS (Manage - Appearance - Advanced) to block the "Get Embed Code" and "Share" links...

Block "Get Embed Code" and "Share"

.xg_sprite-embed {
display: none;
.xg_sprite-share {
display: none;

Brilliant solution.
Hi - whereabouts do I paste this? - I'm having trouble getting it to work



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