My teammate and I are looking to write a grant for iPods? We have some ideas how to use, but we are in search for more! Please help!

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I tried rewatching some of the videos, but they my computer says they cannot be found. Did they get erased at the end of the school year?
Well it could assist in teaching, the teacher could look something up using the 3g connection. But really it shouldn't be necessary for the teacher to look something up.

Im not sure about the quality or capabaility of the iphone's microphone but if it's usable then you could use it to record, and later review. I mean tape recorders are sooo 1990's :P In this digital era this shouldnt be anything out of the ordinary.

Hi Jeremy,

I am the principal of a school in Baltimore County that is piloting the use of IPods in our fourth and fifth grade classrooms.   We have some cool things going on.  On my blog there is a file about our proposal for our pilot that you may find intersting.  Check out my blog for details....


We are looking for folks to share our learning and to collaborate.


Harry Walker

Here is our write up from the end of the year.




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