How Schools, Colleges and Universities use as an online Bulletin Board

Our enterprise microblogging service is not only used by companies. Currently numerous educational institutions are communicating on We are happy to see schools, colleges and universities making use of real-time communication.

In addition to corporate users, more and more schools and universities are using as their virtual bulletin board. In former times, you had to write a letter or announcement and to distribute the printed letter separately on the various bulletin boards. is making this job  in just a few seconds. Paper, ink and walking tracks are no longer necessary. We tried to illustrate this with the help of an example.

swabr is a real-time communication platform and it´s accessible via the Internet from everywhere. There´s no need to search a physical and permanent placed board anymore. In addition, older messages are not lost on swabr, because it´s collaborative and searchable even after a long time.

Any school or any university has its own closed and private network on where all announcements and messages among students or classmates can be spread. Other possibilities of usage are:

  • sending around newsletters, reports and notices within your network
  • responding directly to messages of your colleagues or classmates
  • starting ad-hoc communication and discussions on a specific topic
  • distributing circulars and handouts

And, there is one more thing: swabr is completely free for schools and colleges, there are no costs for installation or maintenance. It can be accessed with a verified email address ( only and a fee account is set up in less than a minute.

Start your own free network here:

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