How to Instruct English Writing Skills Along with Course Content in Online Courses...

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 Christel Broady, Ph.D. , Graduate Education, Director ESL Endorsement Program

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How to Instruct English Writing Skills Along with Course Content:  Helping Students to Become Good Writers in Online Courses Even if the Instructor Does not Have Background in Writing Instruction

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 Georgetown College

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 USA, Bluegrass

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Instructors and course designers of education courses or any courses that require good English writing skills

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Discussion of why writing skills are important and how course instructors can teach writing along with content in online courses  

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Successful participation in US online courses depends to a great degree on mastery of written English.  Sadly, many students enter courses with mediocre writing skills.  Such lack in skills can seriously corrupt the success of a course for the students and the instructor.  Students and instructors may not communicate effectively with each other.  Students may not be able to comprehend written course instructions.  They may also not be able to fully comprehend the meaning of assessment rubrics and task descriptions.  Further, they may not master style manual requirements such as APA.  To make matters worse, online students leave a permanent record of their performance to others, whom they may possibly encounter in professional situations outside of the class. 

What can instructors do if they work in programs that do not provide remedial courses, writing centers, or other support services for writing skills?  Further, how can instructors promote better use of written English even though the focus and content of their class has nothing to do with English writing? Last, what can instructors do to teach and promote good English writing skills even when they have not received any training in teaching English writing skills?

In this session, participants will receive answers and practical advice addressing all of the before stated issues.  They will leave the session with skills that can be applied when designing their next courses. 

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I REALLY like this session topic and description, but I'm not sure how it relates to Web 2.0 or social media, which are at the core of the conference theme.  At the same time, I don't want to exclude online learning, but without the direct tie to social media I'm not sure you'll get many attendees.  Am I missing something?




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