ideas needed for creating a multimedia/internet accessible timeline

Hi! My name is Linda and I teach fourth grade in Cincinnati. Instead of having my fourth graders do their typical paper/pencil Ohio History timeline, which is part of the state standards for social studies, I want to set up something online that they can access and create links, audio and even video. I would like to invite another class in our district to have access to it as well, so they can share their research and build on each others' ideas. Does anyone have any ideas for how I can use technology to do this? A wiki with a power point or screencasts? Thanks!

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Here are a couple of sites for timelines:
I have not used - but it looks good.
I have used for student collaborations
both can be made private
Thanks! I really appreciate such a quick response and can't wait to share these with my media specialist who is helping me. You rock!
I've used timeglider a bit. Can be quite effective but found it a bit frustrating in regards to editing colour and while the zoom functionality is great, I don't know that my participants get it so if the wrong zoom seting is applied all text disappears and people don't actually read it. The only option is then to set zoom settings for each individual event which is not a big deal for small timelines but time consuming for large ones,
I've also used dipity for classroom presentations, great tool and allows you to embed youtube video. A little buggy at times, but things are getting better.

I am working on a Blog Post for my Friday Focus tomorrow about the different timeline websites...might want to check it out tomorrow.

All the ones listed here are good ones.
Never thought about using Prezi for Timelines...that is a great idea....I will have to pass that along. Thanks!
I have shared my focus on Timeline websites on my Blog....please share your thoughts and experiences
Google Docs has a Presentation option. You can set up multiple gmail users as contributors/authors.



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