I'm calling on the collective knowledge of the classroom 2.0 community to help me brain storm an interesting activity to engage my high school biology students during our field trip to the Zoo. I would like to do some kind of scavenger hunt, but don't want to do an old school paper version. How can upgrade the scavenger hunt using web 2.0 tools?

One of my (severe) limitations is that I don't have any class time to devote to this project after the field trip. Whatever is done would need to be by the students simply at home.

To narrow the focus down a little bit, I think I would like to incorporate facebook somehow. One idea I had was to give students a list of animals to photograph using their digital cameras and phones and then post them onto facebook. What I'm struggling with is what I want the students to do after that. Should I have them tag the animals with the scientific name, or ????. Help please!

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Start with what you want the kids to get out of the assignment. Is learning the scientific name important? Look at your state standards for content and skills for your grade level. If the web tools do not enhance the learning then it is not worth changing it from the paper format.
If you want them to learn - say, the features of behaviours of certain animals...get them to tag them (NOT shoot them with tags......) the same way you would bookmarks:

eg, Lion tags = carnivore, mammal, africa


You could then see how all the tags, collectively, stack up as definitions of the animals. Might be a good way to get the kids thinking about the critters in a number of ways.



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