If you could only recommend 1 online resource to a parent, what would it be and why?

I'm putting together an parent resource page for my school. I'd like to go beyond the typical collection of links, but am not exactly sure how to do so. Any suggestions would be appreciated - examples too if you have them!

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Hi - for parents of elementary school children, please include www.readinglogs.com

it helps them avoid trips to friends' houses to pick up the spelling/vocabulary words list kids forgot to bring home.
lets kids practice spelling without help from adults (computer speaks the words to them)
submit readinglogs/vocab cards online to teachers, so they are never lost (parents do not have to scramble to
create duplicate ones)
ABOVE ALL, the site is FREE!!!
This is just spam. It is all you post. Give us a break already...
Have you looked at the site.
Is this post with the URL responisve to the question asked in the forum?

Please do not rush to judgement. Thank you very much.



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