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Dr. Huzefa Mehta, Co-Founder


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Rasa Tabula


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Dr. Reena Mehta, CEO and Co-Founder


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San Jose, California, USA.


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K-12 Administrators and the School Community (including students, teachers, parents and alumni)


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A Collaboration And School Management Platform to keep the community engaged.


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Schools are increasingly under pressure to do more with less. rasa tabula is a unique platform developed to equip schools to become more resourceful by drawing upon and strengthening the community network. Schools need to save costs by streamlining their operations and backend logistics, payments, under one framework. School administrators do not have to worry about costs of maintenance, privacy or security issues. Teachers, can setup classrooms, focus groups, homework, automatically grade, create webinars, share and collaborate data in a rich audio visual environment, students can create homework clubs, parents can organize community events, fundraisers, signup, collect and track payments and alumni can stay connected with the school, all in our integrated collaborative platform. An integrated software as a service with data managed in cloud removes need for other point tools, "yet another login" or "yet another tool" to learn, and enhances security and privacy just by the nature of that architecture. The IT services used in corporations use the latest developments in technology. In order for our schools to compete in the 21st century, we need to provide the teachers and students with the best technology to collaborate, communicate and a platform which enables customized, one-on-one or self learning. 


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I can tell from your website that use of the platform is free, but if this is a commercial product then this would be a vendor proposal--which would require being a sponsor.  Let me know if there is more information about your business model somewhere in case I'm missing something.  Thanks!

Hi Steve,

Our platform is free for the school-classroom environment that is for teachers and student collaboration. Our business model is based on revenue being generated from services that use our site to make money such as the SES providers. 

The site can be used by all in this conference for free. 

I had sent you an email with regards to this issue as well.





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