I'm interested in what routines people have established with regard to using the Internet. Are educators' routines different than our students?

At some point in your routine, you go to Classroom2.0. Where do you go before you go here? Where do you go afterward? Is there a rhyme or reason to your routine?

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my internet routine. . . everything I want to check regularly is bookmarked on the tool bar of firefox in the following order: facebook, email personal, email work, gmail for blog, google calendar, google reader, youtube and netflix & hulu. I click on on each of them in that order when i sit down at the computer with exception of hulu and netflix. They are there when I want to watch something. EVERYTHING (sites, even class 2.0) is sent to my reader. It is how I stay up to date. I respond to each thing as I check all of these. Tweet deck runs in the background . .. .so usually as I'm checking the various things and responding, i'm back and forth on twitter due to popups. Sometimes i end up bouncing from thing to thing b/c of messages i've rcvd or suggested reading/vids from reader, youtube or twitter. Hope this all made sense.
You can make a folder in firefox on your toolbar and add all of your regular sites into there. Right click on the folder and click open all in tabs. In one click will have them all open and you are ready to go. I have a folder set up for work to do just this.
Middle mouse button/scroll wheel clicking on the folder is one click less! ;o)
mmmm this is a very interesting question :D
Since I don't have much time, I always take advantage of the notifications that pages send to my email. Then, I maximize the use of my i-phone by having everything there. For example, in a typical day, I take my i-phone and I check my emails in the bus while going to school. As I check my emails, the email inbox I see that I have facebook updates, replies to my posts in forums, my students participation in the course wiki, etc. Then, after I finish my class, I write a description of the class by updating my google calendars from the i-phone. Then, when I get home at night I just open firefox, which automatically opens all the bookmarks that I generally use. If I still have free time, I just noodle around in the web :)

Hope it was useful :D
This is something I really want to get a handle on. My routine at the moment is to have a quick check of emails and then get on with study, I'm doing a Post-Graduate in Secondary Teaching. If I don't discipline myself it's very easy to get distracted and go off on a tangent. I'm actually looking for the best way to co-ordinate everything. I use a Yahoo home page which is good for getting my subscribed feeds and quickly checking emails, but I'd like to better if I also had twitter, facebook etc in there as well. Maybe there is a way to do this?...for now i might try some of the suggestions below and in the future I'm planning on getting a Smartphone.
I hit emails first. I file those which I need to keep and trash the others. I then bring up the websites I want my students to work on via Firefox (files of websites for each class). Once there, I identify the ones I want my students to work on for the day and send the links to them via the email addresses I established for them. If I have the time, I entertain my myself with the daily LA Times crossword puzzle on the internet:)


It's something we have. I'm recognizing that students have it as well.
I'm looking at the routines I want my students to build. I often give students class time to work on a particular activity or on an array of projects. I find that most are where they're supposed to be (on task), and about 20% who are somewhere in that 3rd space.
As a result, through reflection, I've really had to reconsider some of my own internet routines.
Thanks to all who've written, please consider replying if you haven't.
Thank you!
I'm hearing themes of discipline, work then play, and a strong sense of routine.
I agree with you, multitasking doesn't get us very far. Imagine how much thoughtful analysis you'd have in your MA writing while watching CSI and browsing through Facebook.

Good luck in your studies!



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