I am building an Internet Security lesson. Is anyone aware of online games that teach lessons about spam, spyware, etc.? Would welcome ideas that support grades 5 thru 12. Objective is to have HS students create an Internet Security wiki page(s).


Thank you.

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I teach Digital Citizenship to Intermediate students.  There are great resources located on this live binder at http://livebinders.com/play/play_or_edit?id=19692.  Also, http://commoncraft.com has some great videos explaining phishing schemes, secure passwords, etc.

I love the CommonCraft Phishing video.  It is very easy to understand. I use some of these games below when discussing Internet Safety in my 6th Grade Computer Class.  We talk Internet Safety every Wednesday. I could share many more later, but I have to go through my bookmarks.  I have really focused on Internet Safety the last few years and have amassed hundreds of websites and resources.  Your question is going to help me get more organized.


I tried to simply include sites that have games (per your request), and not sites that have JUST resources and information. 



Sexting & Texting







13 Internet Safety Games covering various topics - Great Resource for lesson plans and information as well



Various Topics















Thank you. Great stuff.

Feel free to go to my web site and browse the resources I have found.  Click on the link below and go to "Computers" followed by "Internet Safety".




Great question. We all need this lesson for our classes.

I recommend this site.  It has dozens of articles on current security issues.  http://www.theregister.co.uk/security/ 




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