I am currently in a class that focuses on assistive technology in the classroom. In my research I have noticed a lot of people mentions bringing the ipad into the classroom for some use. This topic has come up in class before and also I constantly see it on twitter as well. So I was wondering if you guys could give me some ideas or details about the advantages to bringing an ipad into the classroom? Also are their specific advantages for them with students with disabilities?

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In recent years I have had students in my classes who have Asperger’s, but in the school where I teach I do not anticipate having a student who is non-verbal autistic.  However, the app Proloquoe sounds very interesting.  In recent years our school has become involved with an international student exchange program, which has seen several international students enroll.  At first look it says that this app would be beneficial for students who have difficulty communicating since it does promote language development.  I am going to look into this app a little more to see if there is any way that it would be beneficial to these students as they take English as a second language.



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