My name is David DOC Scholl and I work at Scarsdale NY and I am a huge fan of using the Ipad in the classroom. I've given a few seminars on Ipad in the classroom in my district and now have been offered to present to Westchester County. I am looking to gather more material before my seminar and would LOVE of anyone would share what apps they use in the classroom.

I have attached ONE of my list of IPAD APPS...I hope you find at least one or two that you can use in your classroom.






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Chicago Public Schools have been piloting a 1:1 iPad program for more than a year now. One of the teachers there has a great blog about how she's using the devices. Check it out:


Good luck!


Katy Scott

Stretch Your Digital Dollar

Katy....Thank you so much!

I thought more people would have some ideas....BUT yours is a GREAT START!!!!



I have found these interactive books very useful:

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore

The MeeGenius Kids Books


Scribblenauts Remix - my daughter loves this as it requires problem solving.

Thats only a few that were not on your list.

Check out this website from an Australian teacher:

Hey Mark...thanks for the reply!

I have already booked mark the website and will take a look at it tonight.

Hope you downloaded my attachment with App that I have discovered.

Not sure how old your daughter is but the BEST ipad app for kids ages 3-6 is TEACH ME!!! Amazing!!!





the Teach Me apps look good for lower grades, my daughter is  11. I have just ordered 35 iPads for 3 of my schools and finding good apps is both hard and easy because there are so many, so it is helpful if teachers can share what they have found works in the classroom.

Not sure if you can access these outside of Australia but search for Education Services Australia and you should find 8 apps that they have converted from the Scootle learning objects website, that many of our teachers use.

Check out this discussion we've been having:
Check out , a free learning management system like nothing you have seen before, where you can create virtual classrooms for your students.  In these classrooms you can create and assign rich and interactive content, which includes in addition to text and questions, videos, games, ebooks and much more.  These assignments can be automatically graded for the teacher.  Your students will also be able to submit their assignments online in the form of documents such as Word, PowerPoint, Pdf, etc.

Additionally, the site provides collaboration tools, such as classroom discussion boards, where students can interact and collaborate under the supervision of the teacher.  All of this is done in a fun and game like environment where teachers and students can create their own studybuddies, which are avatar like characters.

The site also provides a grade book functionality, where students and parents can access the students grade and their progress 24 x 7, no longer having to wait for the report card.

But best of all, share assignments with fellow teachers and leverage the power of the community.  Check and see how easy it is to use our free learning management tools, and all of these works on the ipad.



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