I am looking for any use cases of how a school successfully integrated IPAD's into the school curriculum.  The school currently has grades K-3.  Because we are in the early stages of developing our strategy we are open to any creative suggestions in addition to any successful cases.


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what if there are only a few reading apps, fast math, motivational math apps on there, and thats it.  i think it would be good for students since technology is being used way more in a classroom than when i was in elementary or middle school.

Dear Ed,

I have done extensive web searches and blog searches for the past two months on iPad utilization for my business.

Take a look at this school's blog:



I am sure that you will find it helpful.


John J Caprice


Sorry Ed,


I see that Katie already sited the Burley School's web site....It is a great source....JJC

Google Docs, GFlash Pro, chalk37.signals, Safari Montage, Air Micro pad for wireless microscope distribution, Smart VE (beta) for a class response system, and a variety of science apps and pages. Something new everyday is discovered. We are 1 to 1 in all three 8th grade science classes.

Dear Tim,


What is an "Air Micro Pad"? I could not locate that product.


Thanks   JJC

Look in the apps store. It supports a wireless microscope. Spell it as all one word. Here is the link to the equipment


Thanks Tim!


I'll check it out......



Dear Tim,

I reviewed the Bodelin website page. It is interesting that they have limited the wireless transmission to Apple units only. It appears to be a WiFi connection that only operates on Apple OS. There has to be a reason for that.

I am curious and will investigate further. I used to sell Bodelin ProScopes.

 I have not seen any other wireless applications in other AV product lines, with the exception of the Lumens Wireless Ladibug that has utilizes a USB receiver.

This technology will allow any document camera to not only be wireless, but also transmit to any handheld device in the classroom.....

Thanks again, I learn something new, everyday!


Doceri is in a test phase. It will allow you to remotely control your desktop and simulate writing on your smartbaord from your IPad. If you open a Notebook file you can write on the blank pages from your IPad and it shows up on the Smartboard. Cant save anything yet as it's beta. Try it out!!



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