Is there a place for Shakespeare in the technology explosion?

Hi my name is Annie and I am a mature undergraduate student in Bath, UK. I and a colleague have been working on a project to put Shakespeare into the world of technology. Not just in terms of finding information about him from various websites, but by enabling students to walk in the London of his day and experience a performance at the Globe theatre. For my final at university I am creating a website, yes another one, as a doorway to this new product. Unfortunately due to difficulty finding funding in the UK we are struggling to bring the concept to fruition. However, I am attempting to gain an insight into what exactly teachers and students would like to be able to actually do in Shakespeare's London. So far we have designed the product to complement the UK National Curriculum for English, taking into account there would be various cross curricula opportunities, ICT, History, Drama being the obvious ones.
Thanks to your site I have also just created a social network on Ning to try and make a central place for a discussion on this subject.

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Do you mean a type of Shakespearean festival? That would be great! I'm not sure what you have in mind - festivals? family traditions? government activities? theatrical rehearsals?
It is actually a virtual world that will have graphics that are as good as the best game software. The idea is to get students to have some fun in the environment of games they are familiar with and learn about Shakespeare's London into the bargain. It really was not a squeaky clean, prim world at all, whatever they assume through the language. There is much more, but I am in the middle of my finals and so so tired and have so much work still to do. Thank you for your interest, I will return, renewed, in a couple of weeks or earlier and continue.



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