It wasn't too long ago when we lived in a world without iPads or tablets, mobile devices or blue tooth, video game consoles or satellite dishes. As technology races ahead into the future, we find ourselves drawn to these irresistible gadgets that are faster and slimmer but, if we are not careful, we may find that our bodies gradually become slower and heavier.

Daily Physical Activity (DPA) is important to our physical health and well-being as adults. As role models, it is essential that we model these behaviours for our students who will carry these attitudes and habits into their adult lives. Regular physical activity has a positive impact on their health and well-being, their self-esteem, and increases their focus and participation in the classroom.

The Ontario government in Canada now mandates that DPA be apart of every day instruction in all classrooms. DPA consists of 20 minutes of daily cardiovascular activity and should occur as often as any lesson. The only time when it is not essential is if your students have PE class in the same day. DPA should be enjoyable and accessible for all students, help them acquire new skills and confidence, we well as encourage them to bond with their peers and make friends as they participate in these activities.

Here are the 5 steps to successful DPA in your classroom:

1) Develop student awareness. Discuss different ways to be active so that students are part of the process, make decision and understand the importance of physical activity for their health and happiness.

2) Set goals. Encourage students to set goals for themselves to keep track of their physical activities to motivate them to keep moving forward.

3) Give feedback and encourage. Provide helpful feedback to your students on how they can improve or achieve their goals. Always be positive!

4) Encourage students to commit to their goals. By discussing their goals, students will develop a sense of ownership and will work harder to achieve success.

5) Celebrate success. Praise students who make progress or achieve their goals. Help them adapt their goals and create new ones so that will continue to be physically active at their own pace.

How do you encourage DPA in your classroom?

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Hi Ed Vectus,

Thank you so much, I appreciate your ideas. I'd like to share my favorite way to encourage DPA in the classroom - gamification. Long story short, game based activity is a wonderful way to engage and entertain students. This technique is also great for teamwork skills development and successful teacher-students communication. Long story:, hope you'll find this article useful. - Leona

There is a saying that a good mind is live with a good body. For a student, it is very necessary to live physically fit. Because if a student has good physic then he/she will be able to concentrate more on their studies.  Without any anxiety. To live fit, the student can do yoga. Yoga is the best exercise for the student. By doing the different yoga the neutrals of a body become more adaptable to take fresh air. By taking the fresh air inhale the neural networks of mind will be able to think more sharply.

Student awareness becomes very important in this day and time and parents and teachers should be more responsible for that.



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