Dear All,
I am doing a research on the preference of learners on online vs face-face learning. If you are a student or have students, kindly respond to the following questions:

Ask a minimum of 3 learners, either your own learners or those of a colleague.

1. Why did you choose to follow this course?

2. Was this course, or similar, available to you online (for students studying face-to-face)? OR Was this course, or similar, available to you face-to-face (for students studying online)?

3. Would you have preferred to have followed this course online/face-to-face and why?

Consider to what extent the introduction of online learning would enhance or hinder / has enhanced or has hindered the learning experience of these students.

Your opinions are also welcomed.

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In my case I wouldn't be able to do my masters if the M.Ed. program I'm doing wasn't offered online. i live and work in Korea, and there is nothing offered in my city in English besides maybe an MBA, which I'm not interested in. For me the benefits far outweigh the shortcomings. I recently looked at how online learning has changed the roles of students and teachers in my own research paper. What I found was that both instructors and students have to take on more responsibilities; for teachers they have the added tasks of : Process facilitator, adviser/counselor, assessor, researcher, content facilitator, technologist, designer, and manager/administrator and students have to be more intuitive, interpret ambiguity, become their own taskmasters and take on multiple responsibilities/roles of motivating themselves beyond that of just showing up for class.In addition to managing their time, professional, personal and school life, distance students need to be sure to have up-to-date hardware, software and a reliable internet connection to properly contribute to their online studies.

so far it has been both rewarding and frustrating~

It is interesting! Can I have some links on this topic.
Hello Mandy,
Thanks for the reply. I must say I agree with you it is not easy to keep up with online learning. One has to be self motivated, otherwise you may feel overwhelmed !!

I see that you are a Researcher on foreign language teaching and learning. I am currently busy with a report on "Supporting students learning online"... focusing on an analysis of Staff Development needs as it relates to practice and research. Do you have materials on that?



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