My school system gives an award each year to the teacher who finds innovative uses for technology to meet state content standards. You have to turn in a lesson or unit plan along with examples of student work that deals with the innovative technology you're using.

Two years ago I was runner-up and turned in a writing project where my 5th grade students made and illustrated books on the computer and then printed them off. Last year I turned in eTales (podcasts) my students had completed (you can view these on my website ).

The teacher who won last year used the CPS student response system (clickers) in her classroom.

If anyone has any project ideas I would GREATLY appreciate it!

My students already know how to-
handle wikis
Word processing
navigate the Internet

Again, this is for a 5th grade elementary school classroom. Thanks!

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Here's a project that I have been wanting to attempt myself, but just haven't gotten there yet. (You know how that is, right?)
I teach fifth grade as well. Since your students are already familiar with iMovie, they could probably do it easily. My idea was for the students to find images online or to use some that I had found for them. Of course you would have to use creative commons images. The images would relate to a topic that we are studying. I teach Social Studies, so my plan was to allow them to create a timeline of events for review (i.e. Civil War). I wanted them to narrate the video themselves. We would use GarageBand for the audio and then import to their iMovie. Another idea would be to produce a video on natural resources in which the students would take the pictures themselves using digital cameras and then we would use their own images....just some thoughts. Hope it doesn't sound like rambling.:-)
Tamra--several years ago my kids did a study of Leonardo DaVinci and them put together "theatrical orations" with multimedia backgrounds. They used Powerpoint to display images behind them as they, dressed in period costumes, talk about their portion of the information. It was really cool. Here's photos of that night.
I teach K-6 gifted and have done some great projects using technology. You can see all the projects here. I also have a passion for using primary documents in the classroom (see Titanic in the Classroom and CSI:Cememtery Scene Investigation) and have a blog that focuses on that that might give you some ideas. You CANNOT lose the competition if you do something that includes the history of your town, school district or the interviewing of old people!! My most favorite (and life changing) unit of study was Guardians of Freedom, after a study of the war we interviewed 54 WWII veterans. That was before video-uploads and podcasts, we did it the old fashioned way with tape recorders and pencils and photos stored on 3 1/2 inch disks!!
I had my students create a choose-your-own adventure story. They were to come up with a story that they could share with younger aged students. They had to utilized the buttons and hyperlink capabilities within PowerPoint. It turned out well. Another project might be to create a webquest on a current subject you are working on. That way while they are researching, they are actually enjoying it.
Are you going to share the award with me if I give you the winning idea??? :)
Is it cash? Do you actually have to do the "plan" or just think it up?
Unfortunately for all there is no money involved. :) I thinking of using iEarn's Learning Circles or one of the other projects that several of you have listed on your sites.

Thank you for all the great ideas! KEEP THEM COMING!
You can try the project I started and will begin to promote all this year . Project Peace. We will have a big celebration at the end of 2009 for participants.

Download the song cards / materials and make a music video in simple steps with your class. Share the gift of music and the message of peace. A great way to bring this important topic into our classrooms and connect classrooms around the world.




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