Hi all,

I already posted this in the comment area, but I thought I'd post again here so people can respond.

I am preparing for a presentation at the Illinois Computing Educators conference at the end of the month. I am looking for examples of how science teachers are currently using web 2.0 tools to achieve science standards. If anyone can share examples of student work (wikis, blogs, google docs, etc) or just ways in which your students are using these collaboration tools, I'd greatly appreciate it!

FYI - I am a former high school physics/math teacher and am currently an instructional designer for a community college. I miss teaching A LOT...especially now that all these great resources exist on the Internet.

Thank you,

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Here is my presentation:

It went well and the room was full of science teachers wanting to learn how to use these tools in science class. I really promoted Classroom 2.0, so I hope some of them join.

Thanks everyone for the examples you have shared here!
Thanks for this resource, Heather. I guess this is a little late but here is a link to our 8th grade science (and math) wiki where we use lots of different web 2.0 tools and post our creations. The kids have lab group pages on the wiki and I put class materials there as well. I have it organized mainly by marking period (we have 5 marking periods and are currently in the 4th) http://team8blue09.wikispaces.com

Hi Cathy,

Thank you for posting your wiki. It is wonderful! I loved looking at some of things your students are doing. Thank you for sharing.

I just realized that I had already linked to your wiki from last year...team8blue08. Lol! I thought it looked familiar!
That's funny! I can't stand the idea of erasing a wiki so I start a new one each year! I love beginning the year with a blank page and having the kids watch it fill up as we learn!



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