I’m new to this group so I don’t know if it is appropriate to post this here or not.  If it is inappropriate, don't flame me, I will gladly remove this post.

I am a small time curriculum developer, making my own curriculum for Culinary Arts education since 1998.  Rather than making books, manuals and DVD’s I decided to create my own platform to deliver the content, first as software and now as an online solution.  I’ve been promoting the flipped classroom since 2000 and during those pre YouTube days, it was a crazy concept. 

Fast forward 10 years later, with technology I developed after 10 years of experience building tools for CTE, I am ready to go about the task of opening up the platform up to other educators.  What I’m looking for is some teachers who have flipped their classroom with resources that they have gathered and to work with me on testing it out on my system.  This is a private Alpha before we move into a public beta later this year.

I see that there are other visionaries here who are trying to do the same thing but I feel that with my experience and unique approach, I should have a great scalable platform.  But I don’t know, I’ll let you be the judge of that.  I think the thing that truly sets me apart is my approach to testing for mastery.  Instead of having kids answer a few questions and giving them the answers, we use Item Response Theory and Abundant Assessments to accomplish the job.  By creating tests through a random sampling of questions created by you, we determine their knowledge level and tell them to go back, study and try again.  It is the journey that creates memorable learning moments.


If you are interested in helping me out, please contact me.


Here are a few video links to lessons on how our current culinary arts teachers use the system.


Adding content is easy. Too easy.


Adding content step by step video


The Automatic Remediation and Mastery System (self test)



Thank you for your consideration


Nai Wang

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I guess it would be good if I were to give you a way to reach me.  naiwang@gmail.com



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