Our 4th grade social studies team is interested in finding a classroom of 4th grade students to communicate with via Skype. Our school is located in rural Iowa, so ideally, we would like to partner with a school in a very different setting - a large urban school, for example. Our town is less than 2,000 and there are only 100 or so students in each grade level. We would like to explore differences in school and family life (rurual/urban). We can also preface the Skype session with ePal exchanges if that is of interest to you.

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Thanks for your inquiry. We are looking for a school in an urban setting, one that would contrast with our small rural school. What kind of school do you teach at?
Hi Kathy,

I reached out to some of my fourth grade teachers and I have two different teachers in two different elementary schools that are interested. Do you have a specific start time for this project? Once we iron out all the details I can introduce you to the teacher who is on board and we can get started!



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