Looking for solutions to supplement our catalog with online classes

I work at a small private school (grades 6-12) and I'm looking for programs to supplement our course catalog with a third-party online program.  Since this I'm still in the initial stages of inquiry, about the only place I've found is k12.com. 


Our current plan is to offer supplemental courses like math one period a day and then have one of our math teachers supervise and tutor the disparate math topics that hour.


I am open to looking at programs that have specific times and teachers that offer courses over services like elluminate. I just need to see what is out there.


The problem I am having now is finding the possibilities.  Any links to or reviews of these services would be appreciated.


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math and science can use http://www.khanacademy.org/. They have a practice section for math that the user can assign a coach that can track their progress, and see exactly where they are having problems.

Tenmarks.com  is free for educators and they send you a report every week on how many videos the students watched.

If you have ESL students esl_lab and English Central have great activities to help them learn English.  We also use Rosetta Stone.  It is expensive for the licenses but has helped our children ( our school is in Peru ) tremendously with vocabulary and pronunciation as well as grammar and spelling.  It also keeps track of scores for each students in the management system.



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