I am looking for ideas for a middle school (6th-8th grade) field day. All ideas are welcomed and greatly appreciated. THANKS!

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We do a 4th - 6th field day.

Here are some of the events we do - bean bag toss game, kickball, shoe kick (we untie our shoes and see who can kick them the farthest, shoe race game (kids are split into 2 teams - each team takes off their shoes and put them in a bucket - the bucket is dumped in the center of the room with kids on opposite side of the room - then one at a time per team they race to the center, find their shoes, put them on, tie, then go back and tag another team member - the first team with all of their shoes on and tied wins), sponge water relay (kids in teams have to fill up a bucket by dipping a sponge into one bucket then run, and squeeze the water into another bucket), puzzle race (2 of the same #piece big puzzles are needed - kids pick one piece run it to a designated spot and then leave it there, then the next person goes and continues to put pieces down or work the puzzle, the first team with a completed puzzle wins), hoola hoop contest.

Those are the ones I can remember.
Thanks for the ideas... Of the ones I've never tried, I'd love the idea of the shoe race game.
water balloons and eggs come to mind
We call ours May Day, but it actually takes 2 days to complete all the events. Some of the event names are vague, but you can probably get the gist of what we do. Hope these help.

Individual Events
1. 100 yard dash (8-10 students per class)
2. 50-Yard Crawl (8-10 students per class)
3. Softball Throw (5 students per class)
4. Football Kick (5 students per class)
5. Frisbee Toss (5 students per class)
6. Football Throw (5 students per class)

Team Events

7. Boy’s 440 Yard Relay (4 boys per team, up to two teams per class)
Girl’s 440 Yard Relay (4 girls per team, up to two teams per class)
8. Eight Person Relay (8 per class)
9. Jump Rope Relay (8 students per class)
10. Balloon Head Race (pairs of 2: up to 5 teams)
11. Tennis Ball Relay (8 students per class)
12. Backwards Relay (8 students per class)
13. Tire Relay (8 students per class)
14. Shoe Scramble (10 students per class)

Class Events
15. Sponge Relay (timed for 1 minute, 30 seconds)
16. Tug-of-War (opposing teams must have equal number of participants)
17. Balloon Pass Relay
18. Balloon Pop Relay
19. Basketball Pass Relay
20. Snow Cone Relay
Corn hole!
or bag toss... using slanted boards and fabric bags filled with rice or corn!
Our elementary teacher does a wonderful relay with the upper kids - middle school would love it, too. He fills up one large garbage can with water per team. Each team lines up behind the can. After the last person, there is another empty can. 2-3 jumbo sponges are tossed into the cans with the water. The first person soaks the sponge and passes it over his head to the next person in line. The sponge must go over everyone's head with the last person squeezing out the remaining water into the empty can. He then runs the sponge to the front of the line to start again. Each line will have 2-3 sponges going at the same time. The winner is the team with the most water in the bucket after a specified time. This is so much fun to watch and the kids love it at the end of the day after a day of running hard.
I love this as an ending activity. I have actually done it with solo cups also and punched 3 or 4 small holes in the bottom of the cup. I don't tell them of the holes, but they figure it out quick. They still have to fill the other bucket up.
At a field day that i have hosted before we had a dunk tank and Myself and another staff got into throughout the day, and the kids loved it. It only cost a couple hundred dollars, and was a big hit, well worth it.
I have ran 7th and 8th grade field day for six years where I teach. I have tried to have at least three activities where the entire team participates, team leap frog, softball, ultimate frisbee, etc. This ensures that all students get at least five activities throughout the day as they have to be signed up for two more throughout the day. The students and teachers have enjoyed that all events are not timed and the students receive a certain amount of points per event to determine the winning team at the end of the day. There is a traveling trophy as well that the teams seem to enjoy very much. We made it out of an old cone, tennis ball, lacrosse ball, hockey stick, hockey puck, and deflated basketball. It's pretty neat to see displayed in the teacher's classroom for the entire year!! I also try to have at least two non-contact events mixed in for the students who are injured or not able to participate fully in the activities. I hope that this helps!! Enjoy the day!!
I am a future teacher so I am not participating in Field Day's yet but I have vivid memories of my field days because they were so much fun so I may be able to offer some ideas.
The three legged race - This was always a favorite at my school. It takes a lot of coordination so it is a challenge but not too challenging for the "not so athletic" students.
Cornhole - This has become very popular. I did not have this at my field day but it would be great for the older classes.
Dodgeball - The kind of dodgeball where there is two teams and they line up facing each other and throw several balls at a time across at their opponents. I like this way much better than the dodgeball that has several students in the center and more students lining the outside of them forming a circle. The other makes for a more competitive game because they are working in teams.

Hopefully you will find these ideas helpful! Field Day is always so much fun for students.



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