I have been asked to start working with this system to provide some e-learning to undergraduate students taking hospitality courses and I would like to know about other people's experience. Have you used it? Did you like it? Any suggestions?
Thank you

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is your school's moodle iteration availible off-campus? is the url something like: moodle.ourschoolname.edu? do you see network admins walking around and complaining about updates?

i'm a bit surprised everybody loves moodle so much. my folks at school often complain that it isn't pretty enough.
I downloaded and installed a fake course that som
eone created which had every module and resource availible on it, examples & definitions. Google: Moodle Features Demo.

open source rules. much more than the tiny little keypad I am using. In the dark.
The good thing is that there are literally hundreds of themes you could use. Themes can be set at a site level, a course level, and a user level. Giving the user a few theme choices to choose from makes them enjoy using Moodle more because they are able to get it to look in accord with their personality. They also get the feeling of being 'part owner' of their Moodle site. Check out the Moodle Themes site to see a listing of some of the more common themes you could choose from:

So far the university college that has offered me to use is is using it for distance learning and I have not been in touch with the teachers in charge yet. I could just have a look at the site and I still do not have the necessary pasword to access it and start experimenting. I know what they want to do is to allow students to take one of the subjets in English as e-learning, distance learning, not attending lessons, but they need me to post lessons, and work samples. The subject will be something like "developing oral proficiency" I just need them to tell me more about it. Meanwhile I will investigate Moodle on my own! I have already heard some pros and cons from which I am alrady learning.
Thanks very much
I am using Moodle for middle school 7th and 8th grade science classes. I literally design whole units that students can work through independently. They love it and they love the independence. I am cautious about uploading student video because of privacy issues that can arise, however links to online resources work very well. My students have a wide variety of resources they can link to and work at their own pace learning. The quizzes allow them opportunity to practice using the information and getting feedback on their knowledge. I used several Moodle books to help me learn the ins and outs of it. Its easy and powerful in many ways.
I recently set it up on a server for my Senior class. Now I need to know where to start with adding assignments, class lists, and so forth. Does anyone know of a good place to start- good website where it has step by step directions. Trying to keep it simple and do one thing at a time.

There is a Moodle tutorial website with videos on how to get started. There's also videos on youtube and teachertube. In addition, there is a wonderful Moodle community with helpful folk at Moodle.org.

This tutorial site is fantastic! Thanks for sharing....
I love Moodle! One thing I found with using Moodle is the amount of participation that I get from my students. By using the system they are required to answer a question or make a judgment, in a forum for example, about something we did in class or answering my lesson essential question, with this I found and increase in student participation both virtually and in class. At Moodle.org you'll find all the resources that you get with the software and can even get a free book (PDF). Good luck!
Thank you K. Julie and Jason for sharing all this with us! very helpful information. I have a lot of material to start working!
Hi, I´m working with Moodle in some study groups... and I must say, the best VLE ever is Fronter from Norway. But it is not OpenSource: about 1-2 EUR/student a year.
Fronter is crap compared to It'sLearning! I have used them both, and the possibilities and user interfaces are miles apart. So if you are considering a Norwegian LMS, and are willing to pay, go for It'sLearning!
It's good to have both points of view! I will have a look at these options. Thank you Hans and Kirsti!



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