I have found it very interesting to read about other professionals challenges, concerns and curiosities, and it is equally interesting how people respond to discussions. I have found it to be a valuable resource. I have appreciated the comments made so far and it has encouraged me to research different teaching methods and topic areas.

We already support each other on the course, however when another professional contributes to a discussion and explains issues similar to those we experience within our course placements, it does feel like a community and makes it more real for me.

I tried starting a few different discussion questions/topics to see what kind of responses they would attract. The more personal questions attracted less contribution than a broad question more people can relate to. I found that an attractive question is not about difficulty or easiness to answer, but about what relates to the responding person.

I noticed that a lot of individuals are concerned with the use of technologies within the classroom. There are professionals on the site who work in primary and secondary settings and there is a large overlap of information which enables us to communicate instead of sticking to our sector boxes.

This communication environment will be a wonderful tool alongside research, reflective practice and session planning in the future when I am employed and practicing within the lifelong learning sector. It is also something I would recommend to other teaching professionals.

Thanks all

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Hi Hannah

I totally agree. I have found the discussions very interesting and enlightening. I have benefited from getting suggestions from people from a different background - I would never have thought to use some rousing music or a 'moving around' task as an ice-breaker! And why not! Fundamentally, it seems to me that most teachers face similar challenges and are very open to suggestions for improvements.

Theresa :))



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