We are opening a new elementary school with 120 netbooks with wireless connections. We are looking for a ready made rules, procedures and guidelines for the students who use the netbooks. Do any of you have anything like this?

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Hhmm...I don't have any procedures or guidelines to share - especially without knowing the models or operating systems of the netbooks. I might have some ideas for rules though. I don't know how mature these elementary school students are, but I think most middle and high school students know when they're doing something they probably shouldn't be. For these groups, I would try to set some very general rules while keeping them open to innovate. I might remind them that the netbooks can be a great tool for making learning easier and more fun, but that they can also be a distraction if misused. Quoting spiderman's uncle in a funny voice might be appropriate, "With great power, comes great responsibility." :-) Then I would just let students know that I do trust them, but if I see learning in the classroom suffer due to distracted students, I have to do what it takes to ensure they learn - it's my primary responsibility. That may mean suspending netbook use for students who can't use them and stay engaged in the lesson at the same time or possibly even for the whole class if they show me they can't handle the trust I've given them.

I hope that helps you at least a little bit. Good luck and have fun with the netbooks! :-)
I would have the same rules that apply to other computers.
Speaking of netbooks, I think it's hard to work with netbooks, they are slow and just too small for my hands. When you say rules and guidelines could you give an example? I mean basically you have to ensure that they take care when using them. Some children might not respect them... Wouldn't want to have broken netbooks on the floor :)
We have the dell mini 12 and the keyboard is basically the same save as a laptop. It has all the function keys. I am looking for an elementary "how to" like always shut down the laptop before closing, and handling procedures



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