Hi everyone!

I just joined Classroom 2.0 and is in need of your help!  In addition to being hired for a position in the field of my expertise (library), I was also assigned to teach computers from K - 8.  I am having the hardest time located the Florida standards for computers curriculum so I have no idea what each grade level target needs are.  I can only assume the younger elementary focus should be typing and basic computer functions and as we go higher, the older students would be geared more towards powerpoint creation.

Anyhow, if anyone can provide me guidance, resources for lesson plans and idea, it would be most appreciated!

Thanks all!

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I taught computers at two different schools and the expectations were totally different. At one school I collaborated with the teachers to create lessons that matched their instruction. At the other school all my curriculum was technology related and included internet safety, web site quality, creating web pages and slideshows.

Feel free to browse many of my technology lessons at http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Technology-Integration-Depot . I also host a free technology integration site for teachers that contain visual links to 1400+ educational games and interactives at http://www.covenantworks.com/Bouncy-A/index.htm . Enjoy!


This is wonderful Scott,

Thank you so much!  I was thinking along the same lines of finding out what students were covering in their other courses and do supplementary computer work with it.

Thank you so much for your help!



Scott--completely off the topic, but what platform did you use to create your image-centric bookmark pages? They are wonderful! I've tried Symbaloo, Pinterest, Live Binders, Protopage, but nothing is as good as your layout.


Hi Sarah,

I taught computers to middle school students for several years and also to elementary school students.  When I taught elementary, I found it difficult at first because it wasn't my certification area.  I found that for most children, from grades 1-6, it is best to assume they don't know anything.  In first grade, it is best to start with basics.  You can teach them how to turn on the computer, use the mouse.  Next, move onto a simple program such as Paint.  After they have basic computer operation skills, try a simple exercise in Word.

For the middle school students, a good starting point is always word processing.  Many can type, but they don't know how to correctly save their work or use fonts/formatting.  My first lesson for 6th grade would be to write a personal letter using word. Next, we would do a business letter.  Depending on the software you have will really help determine the lessons you can teach. 

Check out http://powermylearning.org for online games classified to Common Core..... also check out the communities at http://www.edmodo.com for more ideas. 

You could use ISTE standards--or Common Core. Then you're looking at keyboarding, publishing, sharing, compare/contrast tools--that sort. I can help you with that if you'd like.



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