I just wanted to share my experience with you from the last couple of days. I have taken online classes before....I actually prefer them. Over the summer I am currently taking two online classes, both of which are unlike any other online class I have taken. From my experience teachers normally give you the work and you submit it when its due. Thinking tonight about my experience over the last couple of days made me want some feedback from others on their experience. Texting and typing messages are soooo ambiguous....there can always be a different meaning to what a person is trying to get across. Tonight for example, my instructor simple types in a "chat" like environment to a class of thirteen or so....every other word is "great" or "super"! In a traditional classroom setting, most students are less likely to offer their opinion on certain topics, but tonight everyone was saying what they really thought! To me, this type of setting offers students the opportunity to voice their actual opinions without the fear of critical judgment........thoughts anyone???

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I am also a big supporter of taking online classes. I have taken some at the University of Phoenix online and have been completely impressed. It's strange that even though I am taking the courses online, I seem to get more one on one attention than when I went to a formal university. I'm glad to hear more people talking about this and (hopefully) getting rid of some of the negative stigma people have when it comes to an online education.

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Thats great you are enjoying an online class. I don't think online learning is for everyone. I have taken online classes before and found it difficult to stay engaged. I enjoy the interaction in a physical class meeting and the discussions that occur.

I do think online learning has a huge benefit, especially when you want to take a course that isn't offered close by, or you want the flexibility of learning the material on your own at a time that best suits you.
I agree with your statement that students are less reluctant to voice their opinions when they don't have the fear of judgement. Communication via the internet allows students to maintain anonymity so they don't feel they are being judged by sharing their thoughts and opinions. I also feel that through online discussions you have more time to reflect on what is being said without the pressure of offering an immediate response.
I'm currently working on my masters degree to be a reading specialist and taking the classes online. I really like it. I can work at my own pace and get more of what I want out of it. I do think it is easier to share my thoughts online. I didn't really like having to talk a lot in class or share with a group.
I am not familiar with online college courses. But a friend of mine is taking online college courses, she starts last 2007...

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